Full Gas!

by The Delfino Trio

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Living your dream as one with your bike
Throttling harder shaving tenths off your time
Pushing the needle over the red line
Just at the edge do we feel most alive

They say life begins at 40
But it sucks until 140
Mowing mountains into molehills
It's the speed thrill that kills the death chill
Full gas!

Keeping the line to avoid a high-side
Holding on tight keeping arse on the hide
Stinging and blind from the sweat in your eyes
Living to ride is the meaning of life

So boots and leathers are your best fit
White-knuckle grip as your wrist twists
Wring its neck to make the time-split
The adrenaline rift that won't quit
Full gas!

Don't let them past your exhaust blast, full gas!
Backmarkers you pass, lap records surpassed, full gas!

Always outlast, never outclassed, full gas!
Second is last, leave them aghast, full gas!

Kick their arse, full gas!


released August 19, 2015
Written, recorded, mixed, etc, by The Delfino Trio



all rights reserved


The Delfino Trio Hong Kong

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